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SAFE STEPS is a pan-Asian public service initiative aimed at providing people with key educational messages on how to prepare for natural disasters. Asia Pacific is the region that is most prone to and affected by natural disasters worldwide. In the past four decades, 75% of the world’s natural disasters took place in Asia Pacific, resulting in a loss of up to two million lives.

SAFE STEPS has been developed in partnership between Prudence Foundation and National Geographic Channel with international boxing champion and humanitarian Manny Pacquiao as the programme ambassador. It is a long-term disaster preparedness educational programme with multiple platforms that can be shared through community-based activities. Core to the programme is a series of 60 second education videos providing key life-saving information for different disasters. These advisory tips have been approved by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

SAFE STEPS underscores Prudence Foundation’s long-term focus on disaster preparedness and relief and demonstrates its steadfast commitment to serving the needs of communities throughout the region.

Hon. Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Pacquiao is the natural choice to be the SAFE STEPS ambassador. He is not only a survivor who understands the impact of natural disasters first hand, but is also an icon and humanitarian.

Manny Pacquiao is an internationally recognised Filipino boxer. The first and only eight-division world champion, he was hailed multiple times as the Fighter of the Decade by various organisations. A Representative of the Lone District of Sarangani in the 16th Congress of the Philippines,

Pacquiao is the founder of the Pacquiao Partnership for the Poor Inc., which provides health, education and livelihood assistance to marginalised communities and individuals. Also the Habitat Hero Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity that supports poverty alleviation through building homes and communities, he is a staunch advocate of the movement against human trafficking.

He is currently a member of various committees in the House of Representatives, including the Committee on Public Order and Safety, Committee on Youth and Sports and the Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs where he is the Senior Vice Chairperson.

“I am happy to partner with Prudence Foundation and National Geographic Channel on SAFE STEPS, and honoured to be its ambassador. As soon as the programme was presented to me, I wanted to do it, no question. Having personally witnessed the devastation by typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban last November, I strongly believe this is an important campaign that can help save lives, not just in the Philippines but the whole of Asia. With these tips, we all can be survivors!”


Quest - Saludo

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Quest - Pusong Palaban


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