Step 1: Plant a tree at least thrice a year

Step 2: Encourage everyone to join with you in your organization and advocacy

Step 3: Research globally, work locally and do it passionately

Step 4: Intelligence quotient and emotional quotient must be kept in balance

Step 5: Activate or motivate businessmen and workers toward harmonious relationship

Step 6: Network and connect all the institutions whether it be church, school, government agencies, hospital, or private organizations

Step 7: Document everything that can change your world and post it on the Internet

Step 8: Enhance your environment by conducting clean-up drive

Step 9: Respect all authorities.

Step 10: Educate yourself, your family and your community

Step 11: Share your blessings with love

Step 12: Protect the rights of the child, women, disabled and senior citizens

Step 13: Learn the lessons of life everyday and don't forget to share it to others as well

Step 14: Accept everything with thanksgiving

Step 15: Never ever give up on the test of life for your life must move on to change your world

Step 16: Always apply what you have learned and do it now.